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Funny Inspirational Notepads

Funny Inspirational Notepads

TO DO LIST FUNNY NOTEPADS will keep your teachers, friends and co-workers smiling throughout their work day

PROFESSIONAL: tear off note pad with 50 sheets smooth premium paper, no bleed-through, can be used on both sides. It is ideal for daily use. Durable chipboard back.

COMPACT- SMALL SIZE: 4x6 and 5x8 desk notepad - great as waitress server book or restaurant waiter notepad, good for making grocery list, things to do list, daily plans, meal plans, taking down notes, setting up appointments, leaving chore notes for family, organize office tasks, etc.

PERFECT COO-WORKER GIFTS: goodbye gifts for coworkers, office gifts for teachers, women, men, boss, administrative assistant, teacher. Makes a wonderful Christmas, Holiday, Birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or gift for someone special!

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